Tuesday, November 6, 2007

You ever wonder why dogs eat bugs?

Well i do, that is for sure. Its not like they don't know bugs are bad for you. Obviously they have that little common sense. They do eat there own throw up, but ya know, thats acceptable. When they eat a cricket though, that is where the line is drawn. Is it a matter of them being sophisticated like the French? I am, of course, referring to their undesirable habit of eating gourmet bugs. Chocolate covered ants. Butterscotch covered centipedes. Toffee Moths. All i am saying is that our dogs need to stop this behavior. It is bad enough the French are munching on Strawberry Glazed praying Mantis. The only delectable insect treat I would consider eating would be a honey dipped Bee sans the stinger obviously. It would be the working force dipped in the product, which would make the ageless delicacy ever more so satisfying. Dogs need to stay away from the honey dipped bees though, so that there are more left over for me. Some nay Sayers may say that they have never seen a dog eat a bug before. This is because they are pretty darn sneaky about it. They know it wrong. They know they should be gnawing a beef bone instead. So they keep it hidden from there owners. Dogs are smarter than you think, except for the fact that they eat bugs, despite knowing its ill repute in society. It would be perfect if dogs enjoyed ticks. They could solve their hunger and infestation problem. Killing two stones with one bird. Of course than the ticks inside would probably be worse than on the outside. Just like heart worms are bad news.

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Anonymous said...

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